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Social Media

Your business can no longer afford to ignore social media channels as a way of raising your company's profile and establishing you as a thought leader.  Your target media are all proactively using Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels, and you can bet your competitors are too.  Don't get left behind.

The two main barriers to companies not using social media is a lack of knowledge, and a lack of time.  Our services overcome both of these by offering you a tailored approach to your social media marketing. 

Managing all your social media activity

We manage all your social media marketing activity from creating and branding your profiles and accounts, to growing your online communities and keeping interesting and informative content flowing regularly. 

Social Media Training

Often, it's just a case of you requiring some additional knowledge and experience so that you can manage your own social media activity.  Bridge has designed a series of practical courses that will give you the knowledge, skills and experience you require to make the most of your online presence.  Whether it's understanding the mechanics of Twitter or engaging in group discussions on LinkedIn, we have a solution for you.  We also offer bespoke training which tailors the social media marketing to your individual needs.  You may even be eligible for funding through GrowthAccelerator to help with the cost of the training provision.