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Next generation project collaboration software, Jeera, gets ready to go to market.

23 May 2017

IdeasCast™ Limited–Jeera® a much anticipated project collaboration tool developed by IdeasCast, is almost ready for market. The full stack social software platform ensures workplace teams achieve higher levels of performance and increased organizational agility. Collaborators can complete projects faster and at lower costs without compromising on innovation.

The SaaS platform has been purpose built as an all-in-one solution for modern day remote and cross-business functional working. It promises superior project and task management with real-time group chat and VOIP communications, as well as project templates, a virtual project coordinator and JStudio™ – to create project workflows and mobilize team working.  What sets Jeera apart from other collaborative working platforms is its focus on social. This has captured the attention of many businesses in the market for a new solution as they recognize that by incorporating a social paradigm Jeera overcomes current collaborative working barriers. This increases the speed of user adoption, improving project delivery and reducing costs, whilst fostering a higher level of workforce competence.

Bal Mattu, Founder and CEO at IdeasCast has said: “With our Jeera collaboration technology, we go beyond the market tools by providing one seamless enterprise-level solution that includes the plan, control and execute capabilities to overcome the major issues that traditionally cause business projects to falter or fail.”

The company aims to solve project delays and lower the costs associated with business projects in the modern workplace.  Some of the workplace issues highlighted by Bal give some insight into the purpose of Jeera and the reasons behind its creation. These issues include difficulties with planning in dynamic markets, aligning remote collaborators to corporate strategy and the lack of real-time performance or status information which holds back positive interventions and contributions.  Through Jeera, IdeasCast are looking to fix these issues and more.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but all eyes are on Jeera as it warms up to enter the market very soon..