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Giving Businesses Breathing Space with Temporary Buildings

18 May 2017

Temporary buildings could prove to be the answer for companies who want to expand but are concerned about increasing business rates following the latest re-evaluation by the government.

That’s the advice from Midlands-based Spaciotempo who have helped businesses grow by providing temporary buildings, giving them breathing space while they plan for the long term development of on-site facilities.

Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo said: “Businesses have to count every penny and increases hit them hard. They may want to grow but are worried about additional costs like business rates which will come into play if they move into new buildings.

“A temporary structure gives them time to test the waters and see how the business is doing before moving to the next level in terms of renting or building a permanent structure with all that involves including rates. While for many of our customers, our “temporary” structure is actually a long-term or permanent solution, for some it is the perfect short-term solution while they consider their options.”

All UK businesses pay rates on the buildings they use from warehouses and factories to shops and offices. A review is carried out every five years to determine the business rate based on the underlying value of the property. The value of machinery and equipment as well as the sector in which the business is operating is also taken into account.Businesses with lower property valuations will see their rates fall over the next five years. There are also rate relief schemes available for some organisations like charities and sports clubs. The re-evaluation came into effect in April.

Spaciotempo has provided temporary buildings for businesses from manufacturing and aviation to distribution, education, leisure and the automotive industry. It is the only company in the UK to manufacture and install its own structures.

Mr Jameson said: “We, as a business, understand making the leap to a permanent building is a big decision. Our temporary structures can be in place as semi-permanent use for anything up to five years. We provide the much needed breathing space for our clients while at the same time giving them all they would require from a permanent warehouse, factory or office.

“In fact whatever they need the building for, we look after everything from the paperwork, health and safety right through to the handover. That too takes away the strain leaving them free to do what they do best – run and grow their business.”