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Temporary building helps Arklow firm recover after major fire

09 March 2017

When disaster hits it’s not just the physical clear up operation that seems daunting. It’s also the devastating impact it has on the on-going day-to-day business operations as Gaines Europe Ltd, part of Rondo Food, experienced when its packaging storage facility at its Arklow site went up in flames.  

Left devastated by the fire, which struck the firm just before Christmas, the extent of the damage reduced the cardboard storage facility to ashes. The building could not be saved, and re-building is expected to take up to two years to complete says the international pet food company.

Turning to the internet in search of a solution, Stephen Smith, engineering manager at Gaines, immediately spotted Spaciotempo, and called in the temporary building experts. He tasked the firm with erecting a structure quickly so that the businesses could get back on track with limited disruption for customers in the aftermath of the fire.

Stephen Smith at Gaines explains how Spaciotempo’s solution fitted the bill perfectly, turning what could have been an even worse situation for the firm in to one that has allowed it to function as normal: “While you know that a fire can potentially happen, you never really realise the true impact until it does actually happen, and nor can you fully prepare for the situation. 

“When the fire completely destroyed our cardboard storage facility, our first thought was for our customers and ensuring we could deliver orders as planned, so finding a solution to get us back up and running quickly was our priority. Spaciotempo couldn’t have been more helpful, even going that extra mile on Christmas Eve to provide me with information so we could move forward without delay! 

“I can’t thank the Spaciotempo team enough. 15 days after the fire, our 1,500 square foot temporary building, which we are leasing for two years, was up and working and it is business as usual while we plan for the re-build.”

Spaciotempo is experienced in dealing with disasters from providing assembly halls, classrooms and sports halls to vital emergency storage for commercial companies and supermarkets alike. 

The firm has a range of disaster recovery buildings from those that can be erected in 24 hours to bespoke solutions that take a little longer, but are equally as quick to install and lead times are kept to a bare minimum.

Phil Tallon, area sales manager for Spaciotempo, explains: “We understand that in order to maintain production after a disaster strikes, companies have an urgent requirement for temporary warehousing, emergency storage or indeed production facilities, which is why acting quickly is critical. The fire at Gaines completely decimated a building and our solution, albeit temporary in this situation, has eased the pressure and we are delighted to have been the company’s resource in a time of need.  It took just 15 days from taking the initial enquiry from Stephen to meeting with him, undertaking a site visit, processing the specification and order to completion and installation of the building, making sure it was fit-for-purpose and designed to last for the duration.  And, the Christmas festivities didn’t stop our team working to ensure a speedy installation.

“A crisis can threaten the survival of a business and we have first-hand experience dealing with companies that are only too fully aware of that, jumping into action quickly to minimise the impact as Gaines did. 


“And, it doesn’t make a difference to whether it is a large or small company, the effects are equally as devastating. We urge firms to think ahead, have a recovery plan and identify suppliers just in case the situation arises and they are called in to action.  It’s better to be prepared and it doesn’t take long to put a plan in place and provide peace of mind.  Certainly once it is in place, it can be filed and hopefully never called upon.”