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DPF clean up urged as countdown to T-charge begins

22 March 2017

DPF clean up urged as countdown to T-charge begins

Drivers of diesel vehicles are being urged to ensure they comply with the latest emissions legislation as the six months countdown to the additional £10 London congestion charge (known as the T-charge) takes effect.

The capital’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has introduced the extra charge for drivers of diesel vehicles pre-2005 and all cars with emission standards below what’s known as Euro 4. They can expect to pay a total of £21.50 (£11.50 congestion charge plus £10 T-charge) to drive in the capital.

The move is part of an attempt to cut air pollution in London. The nitrogen dioxide emitted by diesel cars is regarded as a key contributor to the city’s poor air quality.

Meanwhile the company DPF Clean Team is urging drivers not to panic.

Director Cameron Bryce said: “Having clean air is important for everyone wherever you live. What we don’t want to happen is for drivers to feel they have to spend a lot of money to comply with the latest legislation.

“Instead of replacing the diesel particulate filter (DPF) on their vehicles when the warning light comes on, we can easily remove, clean and reinstate within 24 hours to keep them within the law and on the road, with the vehicle also then operating cleanly and more efficiently.”

For fleet vehicles, DPF Clean Team offers a one stop solution to avoid them falling foul of the increasing legislation and charges. And the company’s partnership with thousands of garages across the UK means the work can be done at preferential rates. In the past, drivers would take their vehicle to one garage to identify an emissions issue and then have to take it elsewhere for it to be resolved.

Mr Bryce said: “The pressure on drivers of diesel vehicles is increasing, but we can help. Whether you run a fleet or are an individual driver, it is important we all do we can to help tackle the issue of air pollution. We can help you do that in the most cost-effective way.”

The T-charge comes into force in six months on October 23 2017. Meanwhile, Mr Khan is urging the government to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme for older vehicles. The scheme would cost an estimated £500m and provide drivers with up to £3,500 to scrap their old diesel cars and vans.

The Mayor also wants to bring in an ultra-low emissions zone.

DPF Clean Team, based in Leicestershire, has been advising fleet owners of light commercial vehicles about the most cost efficient and time saving way to comply with legislation. The company has been in the motor parts reconditioning industry for more than 15 years.