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Award Rewards – Making the Most of Your Award Win

04 December 2015

For any business, winning an award is a significant milestone, and important validation for your hard work. You already know your company is doing great work, so to receive validation from industry peers is a great boost to you and your team and a great way to give recognition and thanks to everyone who plays an important part in your business.

Just as importantly, it demonstrates to potential clients and existing ones that your business has been independently validated by an unbiased expert. Despite this kudos, all too often, once the celebrations and congratulations are over, there is a risk that the potential to capitalise on your success will not be fully utilised. This is the ideal opportunity to raise your profile and communicate your added value to all your clients and future prospects.

What can your business do to promote your success?

Don’t be shy, use your title – once an award has been won you should expect to receive the award logo – make sure you use it. This is a great free marketing tool, which should become key marketing collateral. The award logo and title of your award, along with the year of your win, should feature prominently on your website. In addition, add the logo to all of your correspondence, from email signatures to business cards, newsletters and social media accounts.

Email Marketing - Include the news of the award in your e-mail newsletters. Share the story behind your award and why you won. You can even include a link back to your award press release.

Blog – Blogging has become an extremely important online PR tool. It presents you with an opportunity to demonstrate your authority within the industry, offering insight and discussion regarding trends and news within your sector. With regular contribution this is the perfect way to demonstrate to your clients and customers your knowledge, setting yourself as an industry expert. A company blog should be a regular feature of your PR strategy, and with an award or accreditation under your belt you can utilise this tool to create a talking point. Tell prospects not only that you have won but why you have won. What set your business apart from your competitors? How did you achieve your success and what are your USPs?

How a PR company can help.

Winning an award is a great news hook for journalists and editors and this is where a PR company can help to promote your award. A PR business that is sector specialist will have already established relationships with editors from your key trade publications, making the pitch to feature your story more straightforward and effortless. Finding the right PR company can be hugely beneficial way to promote your award win. From crafting the perfect press release to creating a case study about the story behind the win, a PR partner can help you to maximise your success.

PR agencies know how to create engaging content, so in addition to getting your achievements promoted in relevant media they can also work to give you a boost through social media. You can almost guarantee there will be an awards hashtag, and a good PR company will know all the Twitter details of key media supporting the awards that they can feed into. Likewise, they can help you utilise LinkedIn as a publishing tool to further maximise the benefits of your win.

Regardless of what your marketing plan looks like, the important thing to remember about an awards win is that your success is not over until the fat lady sings. Winning an award is a great achievement that should be a big part of your company key messaging and marketing strategy for many years to come – and even when you win another one, of course!

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