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Hollie Stoutt: A love of literature and media has taken me to PR.

29 June 2017

Literature and Media have both been my passion throughout my school life. Everything about these subjects intrigued me and to make things even better, I was good at them. Therefore when I was looking for a work experience placement I aimed at going to a publishing firm. By doing English literature at A level and moving away from Media I focussed my future and career aspirations on books and forgot all that can go along side literature and especially English. However turns out any reputable publishing house does not want a 17 year old teenage girl desperately seeking work experience. Therefore the idea sprang to mind to look into PR firms. Within my GCSE Media course we focussed a lot on the marketisation of films and comics of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then got a note to go to my school careers advisers and as it turns out they weren’t, as to be expected, particularly happy that it was currently the end of April and I needed a placement for June. However I managed to pull it all back with my ingenious idea and from then on it was easy. I looked up PR companies based in the Midlands and Bridge came up. I then emailed Denise and she replied swiftly with confirmation of my placement.  And here I am now.

I must admit at first when I sent my application off I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into. I wasn’t certain on what a PR Company actually did or what the placement entailed and as it turns out its fascinating, from how companies market themselves through social media to how PR companies get their clients.  To draw to a small conclusion without writing thousands of words, my time here at Bridge is nothing like what I expected it to be .The days went quick as the work set were things I had never done before. I have learnt a lot of transferable skills so if you are looking to enhance your CV, Bridge are perfect with giving you tasks which you can apply to almost any job, from phoning editors to get their clients published in magazines to writing social media. The amount of new information I have learnt I never thought I would be interested in. Their clients, even though are mainly from an engineering background are fascinating and has widened my knowledge on all things engineering and manufacturing based of which I knew nothing about before I came.

Lastly all I would say is if you are interested in English and writing and looking for some work experience, this placement is for you. It allows you to utilise everything school has taught you and put it back out into the real world where examiners aren’t marking the way you write and real people are reading and taking in your words. It has opened my eyes into a world outside books of which realistically is not the most ideal career path as my family and everyone else in the universe keeps reiterating to me, and therefore now I am even considering my end goal being perhaps something along the lines of PR and marketing.

 I would like to thank everyone at Bridge for allowing me to carry out a work experience placement with them and hope them all the best with their future prospects.

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