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My Work Experience Placement at Bridge PR

14 April 2017 by Kate Molloy

Waking up at 7am on a Monday morning and putting on my shirt and black trousers attire was quite different to my university routine where my usual apparel consists of leggings and a t-shirt (I know who would have thought it, a student actually getting up on a Monday morning). But today was different, my first work experience in PR was here and with the working world looming, I really did need to get my skates on.

The PR industry has always interested me but like the majority of the population I didn’t actually know much about what it entailed. So it was time to step outside my bubble and actually get some experience in the world of PR. I found Bridge through searching online for the local PR companies in Coventry and when I came across it I was intrigued by its chosen sectors. Manufacturing had always fascinated me growing up as my dad – a product design teacher – was always making things and coming home with different finished products. I wanted to learn more and try something different so when I contacted Bridge in the hope of some experience, I was thrilled to be told I could do two weeks with them. In this current trend of automation, cyber-physical systems are set to revolutionise the manufacturing and production industry by integrating cloud computing and the internet which makes it a particularly exciting time to be a part of this fast-evolving, technical sector. Bridge PR has a vital role in disseminating their clienteles’ brand and products whilst ensuring their successful business to business relationships.

My first week at Bridge consisted of creating social media content for some of their clients and scheduling it on Hootsuite. I then got the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for possible, new campaigns for clients which was particularly fun for my creative side. Later in the week I had the pleasure of attending RugbyDRIVE, a business growth conference where I got to see lots of local businesses getting involved in the community and showcasing their work. It was a very useful experience in which I learnt about the real importance of networking in business and also how to present Bridge in an exhibition.

My next week involved delving in to the realm of press releases and getting to draft two first drafts. This was very useful as I got to put my journalistic roots to the test and was shown the tricks of the trade in writing these. I’ve now learnt how to properly structure a press release and polish my writing techniques. I also had the honour of sitting in on a client meeting where I got to witness the collaboration of two of Bridge’s clients. Listening to each of these talk about the different things they do in their business was particularly interesting as companies I didn’t even know existed were talking about some of the big, well-known companies they had done work for.

The experience here at Bridge has been invaluable as I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the inner-workings of a PR company, whilst being properly involved in the team. Everyone at Bridge PR is extremely welcoming and I’ve learnt a range of skills that will highly benefit my personal and professional growth. I’d encourage anyone who wants to explore PR and finds themselves intrigued by manufacturing to take look at Bridge PR. It has really opened my eyes to the world of PR and I’d love to return if I get the opportunity. 


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